Frisco, CO, Real Estate

You'll find Frisco, CO, real estate in high demand due to the central location of this Rocky Mountain community that’s close to all the cultural and recreational opportunities of the Summit County region. The real estate listings here also encompass properties available in the nearby Copper Mountain area. Given the resort town nature of the Summit County communities, the vast majority of Frisco, Co, real estate listings are for condos and townhomes, and there aren't a lot of workingclass lodgings included among them. The median listing price here is nearly $650,000, and the per-square-foot cost sits at higher than $450. While there are some single-family homes to be found on the market, be prepared for some sticker shock if you aren't familiar with housing prices in the Western ski resort communities. A handful can be found for less than $1 million, but most are high-end estates that run into the seven-figure range. In exchange for costly housing prices, residents enjoy the best that the mountain lifestyle can provide including exceptional year-round outdoor recreational opportunities, fascinating historical and cultural events and unparalleled natural beauty. Frisco is also located right at Interstate 70, so when you get the itch to visit the big city down the hill or to explore the high country to the west it's as easy as getting in your car and hitting the road. 

Schools in the Frisco, CO, Real Estate Area

Students who reside within the Frisco, CO, real estate area are served by the Summit School District, and the district offices are actually located within the town. Frisco Elementary School feeds into the Summit Middle School (also located in Frisco) and then to Summit High School in Breckenridge. Other options include an alternative high school or a local private middle/high school, both located in Frisco.

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