Summit County, CO, Marijuana

Checking out the products in the dispensaries in Summit County, CO, can be one of the most fun parts of your visit. Summit County dispensaries offer a wide variety of cannabis products, including flower (aka pot, the leafy portion of the plant that you smoke), edibles (THC-infused foods, candies, lozenges, etc.), hash and concentrates (shatter, tinctures, oils and wax for dabbing) for everyone from beginners to serious weed enthusiasts. The most popular strains of marijuana in Summit County, CO, are sativa, indica and hybrid and each has a mindboggling array of varieties to choose from. You can choose your effects, from clean and uplifting to sedative and relaxing to a complete daywrecker. Flower is the still the most popular, with edibles in a close second and concentrates following. If you don’t want to get high, but want the healing effects, go for CBD-infused topicals (lotions, balms, oils, salves) that provide relief for pain, soreness — and maybe even wrinkles! If you don’t know what you want, don’t worry; a budtender in a dispensary can help you. In the dispensaries and local head shops, you can also buy the products you need, from bongs, vape pens and dab nails to pouches, scopes and scales.

Must Haves: Purchasing Marijuana in Summit County

To purchase  Summit County, CO, marijuana you must be 21 years or older, and you must provide age identification at the place of purchase. You may purchase one ounce (28 grams) of marijuana or THC in a single transaction and you may legally possess the same amount. FYI: One ounce of flower is equal to 8 grams of concentrate (dabs, shatter, wax, oils) or 800 mg of edibles. You can also purchase cannabis seeds. Peruse the listings below to discover the many ways to get high in Summit County, CO, or to use marijuana to relieve the pain and suffering of medical conditions. You’ll also find a wide variety of cannabis-related products and souvenirs from Summit County smoke shops and head shops.