Keystone Shopping Sales & Events

With a limited number of retail opportunities, Keystone shopping sales and events are not as robust in sum as what you might find in other parts of the county. Active wear and sports gear are displayed seasonally, and the best bargains are likely identified at opposing times of the year. This means the best time to look for those fancy new ski pants or the radically patterned snowboard jacket you’ve had your eye on all year is just at or after the slopes close. Or while attending one of Keystone’s fabulous summer festivals, you might find a mark-down bin filled with hats, gloves or scarves that match your winter jacket and snow bib perfectly. Just before winter, your eyes might catch a pair of sunglasses that complement your face perfectly or a few of the SPF protective shirts and hats that are so popular now. When Keystone shopping is directed toward the practical necessities of your trip, you may want to head outside of the resort to stock up on things like toothpaste, groceries and more. Local markets with national footprints offer the best prices on produce, ingredients for main meals and toiletries.

Beyond Keystone Shopping Sales

Just 5 miles down the road, The Outlets at Silverthorne offer the best deals outside of Keystone shopping. Whether you’re looking for active wear or name-brand fashion, the outlets are where it’s at. Day-to-day outlet shopping is discounted versus conventional retail already, but in Silverthorne the daily deals are sometimes outrageously generous with huge percentage discounts and gift cards for $25 or greater if you spend more than a certain amount. If you’re visiting from an area where outlets aren’t part of the retail mix, spending part or all of a day in Silverthorne might make the next fashion season a winner. By checking this page regularly, you'll be in on all the sales going on in Keystone and beyond. Check back often to get the most for your dollar!

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