Keystone, Colorado, Shopping

Keystone, Colorado, shopping encompasses both the fun and the practical. Despite the large size of the ski area and the lodging that supports it, Keystone shopping options are fewer than other spots in Summit County. Both the Mountain House and Lakeside Village areas have a sprinkling of retailers, while River Run is home to a wider variety. For all three locations, stores cater mostly to snow and summer sports gear, gear rentals, repairs and active wear. If you’re looking for the latest in technical outwear, base layers, hats, gloves and full face masks to protect you from the elements, you’ll find just what you’re looking for here. Souvenirs bearing the Keystone Ski Resort logo and another shop with a Colorado state theme will help you find that special perfect little something to recall your mountain magic sojourn. A few select retailers offer some fine fashion by season along with jewelry. These well-made items can get pricey but will add to your wardrobe in positive ways. An artists’ cooperative sits quietly at the Lakeside Village. More than 10 talented individuals split the space and do double duty as sales staff, providing the fascinating backgrounds to the pieces you’re considering.

Keystone, Colorado, Shopping: Food and Groceries

Keystone, Colorado, shopping for sweet treats, coffee, snacks and light groceries to reinforce what you stocked up on elsewhere is available at all three villages. A larger combined grocery and liquor store on Highway 6 offers a more complete inventory of staples, but if your stay in Keystone is extended or you like to cook complex recipes, a visit to a grocery store in Dillon or Frisco is a great first step. Name brand markets like Safeway, Whole Foods and City Market complement a local operation like Natural Grocers. You can use your loyalty membership cards or ask a local to input their phone number to get the best discounts.