Frisco, CO, Shopping Sales & Events

Both locals and visitors can take advantage of Frisco, CO, shopping sales and events any time of year. After a day of deep powder or wide open lake views, strolling along Main Street stretches your legs and stimulates your senses, from the wafting smells of dinner at nearby restaurants to how your eye catches the light as it shines from a piece of fine jewelry. More than a dozen Main Street Frisco shops are dedicated to creative arts. Humorous cartoon-like clocks with custom pendulums are ready to adorn your wall at home as are the nature photographs developed to show off Summit County’s natural beauty. Western wear and women’s clothing boutiques also have a role on Main Street, and even if you’re not from the West, this is your chance to see how that might feel. Buying these items at a price that meets your budget is a great feeling. Some of the best Frisco, CO, shopping sales are found at the beginning or end of the busy summer and winter seasons. In April, you can find the discount you’re hoping for on the winter jacket you kept an eye on all season. As November approaches, you can go for those shorts and t-shirts with an SPF 50 rating so that when summer rolls around you’re both stylish and protected from the sun.

Frisco, CO, Shopping Sales: Off Main Street

Off Main Street, Frisco, CO, shopping sales are equally active but dispersed geographically. Discounts on sporting goods and active wear can be found throughout the stretch of retailers south of Main Street near Walmart and Safeway. This part of town is also a great place to book discounted biking and whitewater rafting tours. Naturally, the discount retailers here always have something on sale, and they are a great start for those must-have items you may have left at home. At Basecamp shopping center, close to I-70, you will find discounts on beer, liquor and groceries. Across the street, a grocer focused on vitamins and organic foods will make you feel better just for having visited, sale or no sale ... but there are always some featured discounts!

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