Frisco, CO, Restaurant Specials

There’s no better eating than vacation eating: You’re hungry, excited to start your day and someone else is doing the cooking. Everything tastes better when you’re getting ready to ski on double black diamond trails or kayak from the Frisco Bay Marina to the Dillon Dam. It’s time to fuel-up and Frisco, CO, restaurant daily specials are ready to do the job with an extra napkin and some attitude. Breakfasts might come with a larger-than-usual side of bacon, while a giant pile of hand-cut truffle French fries cozies up to your burger. Frisco, CO, daily restaurant specials for dinner are likely to be fresh and classic mountain plates of locally sourced ingredients like trout or grass-fed beef. Frisco chefs are sure to put something original into their great plates, and oftentimes these specials come with a bonus discounted price. Daily special menu items also allow you to try something new or build on something you love already. Perhaps you’re a blackened catfish devotee. If the special is all about salmon prepared similarly, why not check it out? Maybe you’ve never considered lamb before. Here in Colorado it’s farm-raised locally and if it’s part of a daily special, it’s not to be missed. This page and have been developed to show you where to eat your daily special, so stop by here often to find out what’s cooking, literally.

Frisco, CO, Restaurant Daily Specials: Marina

What did you do on the water today? Lake Dillon is an outdoor lover’s dream, and a summer trip to Summit County should always include some shoreline or boat-based fishing, a pontoon rental, a standup paddleboarding session or blue-sky bird watching. Afterward, it’s on to the a local grill for some cold beer and a Frisco, CO, restaurant daily special. Fish tacos are a local favorite, so choose them and accept the frozen daily drink discount to quench your summer thirst.

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