Frisco, CO, Activities & Programs

For locals and vacationers who like to recreate and relax with groups, Frisco, CO, activities and programs present a long list of possibilities indoors and out. On the creative side, the Frisco Day Lodge offers art programs. Painting a wildflower or other image onto a wine glass will make your next fermented grape tasting party a classic. For those interested in glassblowing, The GatherHouse Studio on Main Street is an amazing Frisco activity. Master artist John Hudnut demonstrates his fiery skills, requesting audience participation or holding one- to three-hour classes for small groups. The Frisco Bay Marina and Frisco Adventure Park will keep your schedule packed all year from winter Nordic skiing and mountaineering clinics to summer group boat tours.  Even Fido can get in on Frisco activities! Regular obedience training classes will help keep your canine under voice control, a requirement of most off-leash natural areas. Skijoring classes, in which leashes bind you to your four-legged friend, work to propel both of you across snowy terrain. The Summit County Senior Center offers an enormous array of Frisco activities and programs. Computer classes, field trips, discussion groups, yoga and dancing will keep participants engaged and amused.

Frisco, CO, Activities for Kids

Among mountain towns, Frisco, CO, activities for kids are sure to keep their schedules filled to the wild child brim. Held monthly, Kids Night Out is an activity-filled nighttime line-up that gives parents an evening together while tiring out the younger set with tubing, movies and pizza. The Frisco Fun Club offers day camps during summer and shorter school vacations. Before school begins, the Build Our Kids Success program gets them moving with exercises and team-oriented games. After school, kids can strap on their Nordic skis for the Little Vikings coaching program. How do you get kids to like competitive skiing? With inclusive activities that yield tasty treats. The Frisco Adventure Park presents the annual Bubble Gum Race Series, five community events where racers are awarded (and give away) bubble gum based on results in a non-competitive environment. This page is your key to finding great things to do. Check back often!