Dillon, CO, Attractions

The most prominent Dillon, CO, attractions are Lake Dillon, the Dillon Marina that supports it and the Dillon Amphitheatre. The body of water referred to as Lake Dillon is actually a manmade reservoir that serves as one of several key water supplies for the city of Denver. With 3,200 acres of surface area, it’s fingerlike reach extends into coves in Dillon as well as in Frisco, which is home to a second marina. Views of the lake are spectacular and expansive from every touch point whether you’re scanning the panorama from the I-70 turnout, from a mountain trail or even right next to the shoreline. Each year, the lake provides the perfect mirror backdrop for an epic July 4th fireworks celebration. The marina is a busy Dillon, CO, attraction in summer where pontoon boats, small yachts, sailboats and lake kayaks are encouraged to share nature’s bounty. The Dillon Amphitheatre seats 5,000, and a free concert series runs ever Friday and Saturday night from late June to mid-September. Town officials have been planning ambitious upgrades for this facility that should happen in 2017.

Smaller Dillon, CO, Attractions

While the lake is large, Dillon, CO, attractions also come in size small. A park and pavilion next to the marina offers lakeshore access and picnic seating for 90. The Town Park, next to Buffalo Street, is more elaborate. A multi-use field is available for pick-up baseball, soccer, lacrosse, winter snowball fights and more. At its center is a children’s playground, and nearby are four free public tennis courts. You can shoot hoops, roll bocce balls and throw horse shoes in this same spot.