Hotels in Dillon, CO

When your vacation goals are to visit as many nearby ski resorts as possible, hotels in Dillon, CO, are a fantastic home base to meet those needs. It’s a total plus that these properties are among the least costly in all of Summit County. There are only a few hotels in Dillon, CO, to choose from with some familiar names like Best Western, Comfort Suites and Super 8 plus an independent property or two. Additional hotels are located along Highway 9 in Silverthorne, and Summit County vacation rentals are woven throughout both towns (see the separate section on those). Amenities will be familiar to most travelers — WiFi access, swimming pools or free breakfast — but perhaps the most important feature to look for is a view of Lake Dillon or the Gore or Tenmile mountain ranges. These rooms tend to book quickly even during less busy periods, so if you’re driving west from Denver for a spontaneous getaway you’ll want to try to reserve a room as quickly as possible. Several Dillon hotels are near the lake, within easy walking distance of nearby restaurants or have hiking trails right outside their doors.

Exploring Beyond Dillon, CO, Hotels

Once you’ve booked your hotel in Dillon, CO, arrived and settled in, it’s time for adventure. Freed from the commitment of any single Summit County town, you can explore the whole region in every direction from Keystone and Breckenridge to Copper Mountain and Arapahoe Basin. Frisco’s Main Street is just minutes away if you’re looking for a small-town, walkable avenue.