Dillon, CO, Activities & Programs

Because of its central location, the list of Dillon, CO, activities and programs is a long one. The town serves as the last little geographical puzzle piece that joins together the vacation plans you researched so carefully before committing to any single spot. Outdoor adventures rule the roost of Dillon, CO, activities. A few miles in any direction and the world of adventure you envisioned becomes your reality. Heart pumping ski turns and snowboard drop-offs can happen at any of the area ski resorts in winter. All the resorts offer double black diamond trails, but the north-facing steeps at A-Basin will challenge the best skiers and boarders in your group. In summer, you can revisit the same turns on a mountain bike. By contrast, Keystone’s numerous and gentle Kidtopia programs in summer and winter can occupy the little ones while you take on those challenging outdoor adventures. And how about elements of winter that overlap with summer in surprising ways? In 2016, the luckiest kids got their first chance to tube on snow fields throughout the warm weather. Leave it to the local resorts’ ingenious snow engineers to make this possible.

Unwind with Dillon, CO, Activities & Programs

Once your leave the slopes, Nordic adventures or other sweaty stuff behind, your Dillon, CO, activities might take you to the newly redeveloped bowling alley or to the movie theater. Dillon has the only multi-screen complex in the county, offering the latest releases for kids and adults in 2D and 3D. In the busy winter season, make sure to arrive early to get a seat. Check this page frequently to learn more on Dillon’s scheduled activities.