Summit County Events: Community

What comes to mind when you think of Summit County? Snow-covered mountain peaks, the exhilarating rush as you swoop down the ski slope or the scent of pine needles mingling with earth on the hiking trails through the woods, perhaps? Needless to say, whatever it is it likely has something to do with sports and nature. In a location that attracts so many world-class athletes and winter sport enthusiasts, it’s almost hard to imagine people having fun off the slopes. But for the locals living here, there’s more to their home than winter sports. That’s where Summit County community events come in; these are happenings created by community members for their fellow residents. These events, unlike the goings on at ski resorts that help you get away from it all, aren’t vacation driven. Summit County’s community events are the niche affairs that make the area more than a destination resort – they make it a home to so many people. 
Now don’t let all of this talk of locals make you think that Summit County community events are exclusive of visitors – quite the opposite in fact. It’s no secret that many of our visitors eventually become neighbors, and checking out these community events is a great way to learn what kind of home Summit County could be for you. 

What to Expect at Summit County Community Events

Okay, enough, you say, what kind of Summit County community events are there? So glad you asked. After a day at work and school, the whole family can enjoy events like game nights at local businesses. Or pull together some like-minded neighbors and organize a small-focus fundraiser. Have musical friends? Watch them take the stage when local bands perform at music ensembles or eateries. 
This page is your guide to what Summit County community events are happening and where you can find them. Check out the listings below to learn more. 
E.g., 07/30/2021
E.g., 07/30/2021