About The Artist

Starting in the late '60s through the end of the '88 season I photographed auto racing all over the US and Canada. The travel wore me down and I changed careers. I moved up here in 2005, started looking around and decided that me and the camera weren't done yet. I started with some landscapes, fall colors, things like that until one day a little red fox appeared in the tall grass in late September-mid-October.

He had a full winter coat on, was as curious about me as I was about him. The instant my hand hit the shutter button a new passion was born.

Wildlife Photography

I've gone with more fall colors, mountain wildflowers, the beautiful mountain vistas that we have, but nothing compares to my love for wildlife. The fox, Rocky Mountain Goats, Big Horn Sheep, deer, elk, moose, and the cat. Yes, cat. Two winters ago I finally managed to photograph a Mountain Lion, the most beautiful animal I've ever seen.

So in my former career, a good day of shooting was with 100,000 of my newest close personal friends. Now a good day with the camera is never seeing another human being. Quite the contrast.

We also do custom printing from your digital images as well.

Prices range from $95 to $800 depending on the medium, presentation, and size. Take home something better than a T-shirt from your vacation. Take home a memory! Fly here? No problem. I ship!