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Update 6/26/20: Vinny's Euro-American Cuisine and Frisco Prime are currently offering the best of both menus out of the Frisco Prime location, which is now open for dine-in service. Vinny's is hopeful to move into its new location upstairs above the Next Page book store on Main Street in Frisco by late July or early August. The restaurant will be moving to seven days a week soon.

Call 970-668-5900 for reservations or to-go’s. Please Note: As our dine-in service grows, we unfortunately have had to cut off to-go’s during peak dinner hours, around 6-7:30 p.m. to make sure we can accommodate our reservations. This applies to placing an order earlier for pickup later around that 6-7:30 time. Call 970-668-5900 for orders or reservations.

See more about Frisco Prime here.

Vinny’s Euro-American Cuisine is located in historic Frisco, Colorado.

Chef Vincent uses the freshest seasonal organic ingredients available in Colorado's High Country.

Guests will enjoy real food made with local, natural, organic and fresh ingredients. Everything offered is homemade!

Happy Hour is offered Sunday through Friday from 2 to 5 p.m. in the Pub and Courtyard. It includes drink deals and a Taster Menu.

Enjoy dinner in the dining room or pub. Two menus are offered. The Pub Menu is offered starting at 2 p.m. Dinner is served starting at 5 p.m.

Call 970-668-0340 for a reservation. Reservations are recommended for every night of the week. Two seatings are offered on Fridays and Saturdays: 5-6 p.m. and 8 p.m. and later.

Frisco Prime, also located in Frisco, is a sister restaurant to Vinny's.

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