The Summit Historical Society is dedicated to the discovery, preservation, interpretation, and exhibition of the rich heritage and history of Summit County.

The historical society provides tours of historic buildings and mine sites, maintain a collection of artifacts, photographs, and documents, and conduct public education programs.

Stories like the life of Anna Emore, 1892-1974, who lived her entire life in Summit County. Her father, Augusta “Tip” Baliff first came to Frisco in 1879. Tip drove a stagecoach over Loveland Pass and also found a job as a veterinarian. He managed to open a blacksmith shop in 1879. He later moved the shop to Dillon in 1883 when railroads started developing. He had a blacksmith shop in Keystone. Anna learned about community service from her dad. She was instrumental in the 1883 Schoolhouse move from Old Dillon to its new home and current location in 1961.

After the relocation in 1966, Anna became a founding member of The Summit Historical Society. The early Society acquired and turned the Schoolhouse into a museum in 1972. They also began the traditions of storytelling we strive to achieve today.