20 Below Frozen Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is served frozen and topped off with whipped cream.

Black Teas

Black teas are generally stronger in flavor than teas such as: Oolong, Green and White teas. Bolder Breakfast, Climber's High, Coconut Truffle, Earl Grey Cream, English Breakfast, French Vanilla Bean, Ginger Peach, Harvest Spice, Kashmiri Chai, Mango Tango, Masala Chai, Toffee Chocolate Hazelnut, Vanilla Chai Spice.

Bubble Tea

Creamy and refreshing; served with traditional tapioca pearls.

Coffee Drinks

Enjoy a a variety of espresso-based coffee drinks; Lattes ($4.61), Mochas, Americanos ($3) --- flavored and regular, iced or hot. The frozen latte is $4.61 as well.

Colorado Beer

The Next Page Books & Nosh serves a variety of Colorado beers. Check out one during Happy Hour for special pricing.
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Fruit Tea Smoothies

Enjoy one of five smoothie flavors packed with fruit and green tea goodness.

Green and White Teas

Enjoy Boulder Blues, Dragon's Well, Ginger Citron Mint, Honey Lemongrass, Jasmine Green, Jasmine Pearls, Moroccan Mint, Pear and White, Thin Mint Green, Watermelon Lime, White Blueberry.

Hot Chocolate


Oolong Teas

Enjoy Coconut Milky Oolong, Iron Goddess Oolong, Oolong Peach, Red Berry Oolong.

Rooibos, Fruit and Herbal Teas

Enjoy Blood Orange Smoothie, Chamomile, Chocolate Mint Rooibos, Cold Buster, Cool Mint, Peppermint, Pick-Me-Up, Red Rocks, Rose Lemonade, Pomegranate Pear, Spa Detox, Spa Relax, Very Berry.


Enjoy reds, whites and roses, including a selection of Colorado wines.
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Yerba Mate

Enjoy Green Yerba Mate, Roasted Yerba Mate, Roasted Cocoa Mate.

Bacon & Spinach Panini

Served with artichoke, Parmesan and cream cheese.


Add 50 cents for cream cheese or peanutbutter.

Baked Goods

Enjoy a rotating assortment of cookies, cakes, breads and more.
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Breakfast Panini


Ham & Brie Panini

Served with spicy mustard.

Hummus Plate

$7, $9.95




Enjoy turkey with Pesto, provolone and roasted red peppers; ham and brie with spicy mustard; salami with spinach and provolone; or veggie with hummus and pesto.


Cup is $4, Bowl is $7. Served with a toasted pita.

Spinach Panini

Spinach, peppers and provolone with pesto or hummus.

Turkey Panini

Turkey with peppers, peso and provolone.