Breckenridge 1888 Augmented Reality & Student Tour

Breckenridge Heritage Alliance, Breckenridge 1888 Augmented Reality & Student Tour

In collaboration with Timelooper, the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance is pleased to announce our virtual field trip option for schools. Traditionally, we've invited local school groups to visit our sites and join our tours, but this new option is available anywhere in the world. We've adapted our 1888 Breckenridge app into a virtual field trip experience for grades K-6. Email for more information. Download the app and visit Breckenridge in 1888. This experience is available in iPhone7 and iPad 3rd generation; and GooglePlay for Android options.   

Free virtual experience with downloadable app

Where is the activity?

Breckenridge Heritage Alliance (See address and directions on the rightbelow)

Breckenridge Heritage Alliance

309 N. Main St.
(970) 453-9767 x2