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Breckenridge Tours offers haunted and historic tours of Breckenridge, Colorado.

Ghostly Tales Tour

This is the original ghost tour of Breckenridge, with new sites and updated tour route. Explore the darker side of our wild west past with our chilling tales of the ghosts that remain here. Ghost hunting equipment provided.

English Tea Tour

Join Mrs. Engle, the banker’s wife, or May Nicholson, the madam, as they take you on Breckenridge’s only living history tour through downtown. Hear the stories and catch up on the gossip of those Victorian ladies and gentlemen from 1910. Finish with English tea and scones in a historic tea house.

Strange But True Tour

This 90-minute walking tour is all about disappearances, suspected kidnappings and other strange events, including the fate of the Breckenridge Navy. Hear about the weird and unusual events that occurred in Breckenridge from 1961, when the ski area opened, until the present day. All true stories with a twist!

Voices From The Grave Tour

Go back in time with this walking tour which starts at the site of the original cemetery of Breckenridge. Hear the history of the town’s burial grounds and also the stories of the locals that are buried here. Visit their places of business or homes on the way.