Fishing Report for Dec. 7

Alpine Fishing Adventures, Fishing Report for Dec. 7
Thursday, December 7, 2017
Upper Blue Valley Region
Ice on the snake river inlet at Dillon has continued to developed and fisherman have been doing well catching 
Kokanee Salmon. The Salmon  are being caught off the bottom with lures and jigs. Anything bright and flashy will trigger a salmon bite. Work your lures close to the bottom so that you irritate the spawning salmon into biting at your lure. Rainbow trout are also being caught working lures off the bottom.
For the rainbow trout, tipping your jig or lure with a meal worm, gulp minnow or raw shrimp can help during a slow bite. Fisherman are also catching an occasional Arctic Char a they move in to feed on the salmon eggs.
Fly fishing on the Blue river below the damn remains steady with more fish moving up closer to the dam as water temps down lower are have cooled way down. Egg, worm, mysis shrimp, and midge patterns in size 20, 22 and even size 24 midge patterns can always trigger a bite. Use a 6x tippet, and approach the runs slowly and cautiously to trick these large and well educated trout. 
Green mountain reservoir remains all but ice free with the first site of skim ice developing at the inlet. and fishing from shore is slow to fair for rainbow trout along the shorelines and at the inlet. Lake trout can be caught form shore as they will be cruising the shorelines looking for food in order to fatten up before the winter. Spoons, Crankbaits, and jigs are all good choices, look for benches and flats next to big drop offs.
Georgetown is Ice Free
Officer Gulch has fish able Ice. Small Brook trout, rainbow trout and a few cutthroat trout can be caught using small ice jigs such as tungsten jigs, tipped with a meal worm are very effective. 
As always, use caution. Early ice conditions can change at anytime.