Inside the Summit County, Colorado, Marijuana Scene

By Lynn Bojinoff | Monday, July 10, 2017

If you want to check out the Summit County marijuana scene, it is a good idea to be aware of some rules and basic information first. The locally grown marijuana plant buds and various types of concentrates are pure and potent, so ask questions and know what you are buying and consuming. With frequently available strains bearing names like Trainwreck, Cannatonic and LSD, you’ll want to make sure you don’t overdo it.

Top Three Questions About Legal Recreational Marijuana in Summit County

  1. How much marijuana/cannabis can I purchase at the recreational dispensaries?

First of all, you must be 21 to make a purchase of any cannabis product. As a visitor or out-of-state resident, you are restricted to purchasing up to ¼ ounce (7 grams) in a single transaction. Nonresidents are not allowed to go from one shop to the next to stock up on products for export. Residents of Colorado may purchase up to 1 ounce (28 grams) per single transaction.

You can buy a mix of bud, edibles and concentrate as long as the total equals 7 grams or less for a non-resident or 28 grams or less for a Colorado resident.

Also, you’ll have to show your driver’s license and have cash to make a purchase.

  1. Where can I purchase cannabis?

Many shops in Summit County sell recreational marijuana. The shops are in Breckenridge, Dillon, Frisco and Silverthorne. For a complete list of Summit County dispensaries, see

  1. Can I smoke in public?

This is a very good question because some think since marijuana is legally sold in Summit County that it is legal to smoke it anywhere. However, public consumption is not legal. The law in Colorado restricts consumption of marijuana to private areas only.  And please note, there is no smoking in our National Forests.

Other Things to Know about Marijuana in Summit County

  • Any adult 21 years or older is allowed to possess up to 1 ounce.

  • Be careful with edibles as the effects are different for everyone. Nearly any type of food can be infused with cannabis as long as it contains some form of fats. These products include infused candy, baked goods, savory snacks, drinks and tinctures.

  • High Country Healing, one of Summit County’s first dispensaries, states on its website the following, “The Council on Responsible Cannabis Regulation recently produced the First Time Five website, which recommends only 5 milligrams of infused edibles to ensure that no consumer, medical or recreational, has a poor experience. Remember that you can always eat more, but once it’s in your system you have to ride out the effects.” In other words, start small and eat less than 5 milligrams at first. Wait to see what happens before you eat more. You may not feel the effects of edibles for up to and beyond 90 minutes.

  • Traveling with cannabis across state lines is illegal. 

  • Smoking and driving is like drinking alcohol and driving. You can get a DUI violation if caught driving under the influence of marijuana.

  • There are other ways to indulge in the local marijuana scene. For example, try something new with a cooking with cannabis class, or Bud+Breakfast lodging where your morning will consist of marijuana-infused breakfast. Summit County also offers a Bud, Brew and Booze tour. The name of this tour explains it all!  

Disclaimer: the information provided here is subject to change. Always be aware of the local laws and be responsible. Do your own research online or talk to the experts in the dispensaries before purchasing and consuming any amount of local cannabis products.