Find Food with Soul at Breckenridge Grocery Stores

By Hannah Lee Leidy | Monday, May 11, 2020

Downtown Breckenridge hosts its share of rave-worthy restaurants, but there’s an undeniable sense of homeyness and comfort that comes with cooking your own meals. When you crave your favorite recipe, want to chef it up in the kitchen or simply need a convenient and budget-friendly way to eat, the grocery stores in Breckenridge cover all the bases.

Throughout Summit County, you’ll find stores from familiar brands where you can shop for groceries as well as appliances, technology, home decor, furnishings and more all under one roof. This changes a bit in Breck, however. The specialty markets and grocery stores in Breckenridge, CO, are owned and operated by locals, and consequently, each place takes on its own personality. While you may have to work your way around a couple different places if you have a lot on your shopping list, the quality and passion at these shops and grocery stores in Breckenridge are worth the effort.

You’ll find the majority of the grocery stores in Breckenridge on the downtown’s Main Street – the main shopping district – and some of the smaller side streets that feed into it. When you hear people refer to the “malls,” they actually mean the multi-storied buildings with different shops occupying their own floor. You’ll find grocery stores in these places with stairs separating them from shops with designer-brand sportswear, funky art galleries and more.

Grocery Stores in Breckenridge Go Beyond the Basics

Many of the grocery stores in Breckenridge pride themselves on offering all-natural, organic foods and/or Colorado-made products. This covers the little snacks you keep in your hiking pack, such as jerky and nut butters, to the essential ingredients for home cooking, including regionally sourced vegetables and meats from reputable producers. Breckenridge shoppers love these stores for the quality and care that go into their offerings and, as a result, into the cooking and eating they do at home.

When getting groceries, be sure to include the specialty foods shops in Breckenridge to elevate your cooking game. With gourmet chocolates and cheese, small-batch olive oils and vinegars, hand-prepared spice blends and other goodies, these treats add a thoughtful touch to your meals and dinner parties.

While you expect to find responsibly sourced, top-quality ingredients and food at these grocers and markets, don’t bypass these places for your pharmacy, toiletry and gift shopping needs. You can pick-up prescription refills, locally handcrafted gifts and even liquor from the grocery stores in Breckenridge, CO. The select but varied offerings make them a go-to stop for many Breckenridge shoppers.

These grocery stores also save the day when you need a quick and delicious bite to eat. A few stores boast full-service deli counters with made-to-order sandwiches, salads, soups and juice bars. With their selection of healthy options prepared from fresh ingredients, they’re perfect if you need a bite to-go or provisions for a picnic lunch.

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